I have my slave on the floor, with his legs tightly bound together. His head is in the headbox, and his wrists are also bound. My bitch cant move and he is completely at my mercy. I can do anything to him that I want, and theres nothing my slut can do. I thought about giving him a good trampling, or perhaps a footjob. However. I have something a little more appetizing. Im just finished my lunch, and I think I will share it with my slut. As I tower over him and look down at his insignificance, I allow him to kiss and lick my stiletto heels. At some point my bitch may ask my permission to allow him to cum. Well… As I caress his limp cock with my foot, its not looking too good for a orgasm for my bitch. I dont like to leave my slaves disappointed, so I decide to allow him a close up of my pussy. I sit astride over his face, and tell him Im going to give him a tasty treat. I can see the excitement in his eyes, and tell him to open his mouth nice and wide. As I relieve myself, I fill his mouth with my beautiful shit. I want him to enjoy his delicious snack, and tell him I will also allow him to wash it down with some of my amber nectar. I continue to sit over him, and give him another juicy treat as I piss into his mouth. He seems to be having a little trouble eating all my delicious shit, so I assist him by stuffing it into his mouth. What a lucky slut he is, as I leave him to savor his afternoon hors doeuvre and juicy treat from Mistress Gaia…


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