Diaper full of shit wrapped around his face

Mistress Gaia has thought of an extremely cruel humiliation today. She places a diaper next to the bound and handcuffed slave. Then she squats over the diaper and shits into it. She forces the scat slave to take a bite of her shit out of the diaper – and of course he has to chew and swallow it as well! Then she grabs the diaper – puts the shitty part right on his face and then wraps it around his head. Now his face is forced into the steaming pile of shit and he can’t escape the smell!

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Mistress Gaia’s shit for the loser

Please make a video in which you explain and show your Lady Mistress friend how to make a male toilet slave eat all the caviar you shit onto his face as he lays under the toilet chair and how to secure that the whole caviar is chewed and swallowed completely. So you let her know and demonstrate to her what you are requiring from a male human toilet and how to consumption without mercy.