ITALIAN SPEAKINGWARNING: This video contains scenes of true coprophagy; not recommended for sensitive people!!!A lot of slaves ask me to be used as full toilet, promising they would eat all my shit but, when the moment comes they either balk out or take the shit in their mouth but do not chew and swallow. This slave, instead, is one who keep his promise. I had ordered him to prepare me a coffee but it is undrinkable. He deserves to be punished. I shit in a plate; as usual, my shit is lot and fills the plate. I make him sit down at the table, I put the plate in front of him and I order him to start eating. Itร‚โ€™s not an easy task, he is not turned-on, it is quite different from receiving the shit in your mouth while watching my beautiful ass. He starts eating, slowly, but without interruptions. The mountain of shit becomes smaller and smaller. I think he deserves a prize. When heร‚โ€™s finished he can rinse his mouth with my pee. The plate is empty; now he has to lick it clean!!!


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Extreme Scat Pool Party – Part 3

AstraCelestial proudly presents.So, recently a great idea visited our minds. So why we dont buy pool and make scat party in there making this pool full of scat, piss and vomit.So we didnt eat several days, used some bags of scat, and began our great and filthy party.Vomit, Scat, Shitting, Squirting, Enemas, pissing all kind of sex and more – all this you will find in our new great video which is showimg most pervert parts of our souls.We did it for more than four hours and all this you will see in our new video. it is interesting – actually how many people does it requeres to fill up whle pool. Maybe one day we will do something like that.Love and Peace.AstraCelestial team.

Extreme Scat Pool Party - Part 3

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Lady Scarlet – Exciting shit

This is an amazing video. My slave stays horny for a long time with my shit and piss in his mouth. He really wants to taste those delicacies and being under my ass drives him crazy! There are several shots to show the action well, to show me and its being a toilet. The video starts with the slave sniffing my ass and loving my belly full of his meal. Then I make him lick my panties with a strip of shit. Until I shit and piss in his mouth. He masturbates all the time and I like this reaction, a sign of the strong desire to serve me. It will be me with my hands to make him enjoy as a reward for being a fantastic latrine.

Lady Scarlet - Exciting shit

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