Lot of close-up shit, piss and vomit

Phew, this lady is a really extreme shitting lady! She starts to shit a pile pile of her brown gold onto a plate and shows it to you. What do you think…? What do you want her to do now…? Don’t tell her, she already started the action! She takes the shit and smears it around her whole body! Until almost all of her face, tits, stomach and pussy is completely covered with her shit. But this is not all! She also pisses right into your direction – and brings out a little bit vomit right from the deep inside of her…!

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Awesome cutie shits in her shorts

This girl is fucking awesome! She looks so hot and is very sporty too! Because it is a sunny day Alina walks outside in the nature. Suddenly she has this feeling you all know… she needs to put her finger inside her asshole to bring out a small piece of her shit! Now it’s too late, she cannot hold it anymore – and there it goes! At the end her hot ass and her thighs are covered with her fresh and flushy shit! Enjoy the hot shitting action of Alina right outside in the nature and download this awesome clip now!

Mistress Alina’s morning routine

In this video you get to see a real toilet mistress’ morning routine. Watch as mistress Alina wakes up in all her natural beauty, gets up and heads to the bathroom. The toilet slave already waits for his mistress – and her relieving morning dump! With a large glass funnel in his mouth it’s pretty comfy for Alina to use his mouth as her toilet!

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2 shitting mistresses fill up human toilet

Mistress Anna brought along Princess Nastia to really push the toilet slave’s limits today. They order him to lie down under the toilet chair and then each take a shit straight into the human toilet’s mouth. He’s struggling to swallow both huge shits, but his mistresses are merciless and force him to swallow everything!

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Diaper full of shit wrapped around his face

Mistress Gaia has thought of an extremely cruel humiliation today. She places a diaper next to the bound and handcuffed slave. Then she squats over the diaper and shits into it. She forces the scat slave to take a bite of her shit out of the diaper – and of course he has to chew and swallow it as well! Then she grabs the diaper – puts the shitty part right on his face and then wraps it around his head. Now his face is forced into the steaming pile of shit and he can’t escape the smell!

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Explosive diarrhea into the slave’s face

Alina’s toilet slave anticipated swallowing his young mistress’ scat – but he surely didn’t expect THIS! As soon as her ass is above his face she unloads a massive amount of explosive diarrhea all over his face and into his mouth. The stinky liquid covers his face completely and messes up the whole floor around his head as well. Then it’s time for the slave’s hardest job – swallowing all of his mistress’ shit!

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Nasty farts, facesitting and shit

Mistress Anna forces her slave to lie down on the bed and then slams her sexy naked ass on top of his face. She smothers him underneath her butt shortly and blows a few nasty farts right into his nose! But that wasn’t the grand finale yet … Anna pushes out a nice load of scat right on the slave’s face – just to sit back down seconds later. She rubs her smelly shit all over the loser’s face while smothering him!

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Face-sharts before shitting in his mouth

I sent my subby boyfriend out to get me some new lingerie and he knows I like thongs. I really only wear thongs and boyshorts. But he came back with a pair of white full back mesh panties from Target?!? What happened to Victorias Secret only?! Haha oh ell no. Honestly this is trivial but I’ve been looking for a reason to put him under my ass again as he’s been following rules lately but this will do. No matter how small the violation.. this is where you will be. Helpless, under my ass and at my mercy. I wrap him from the neck down in my favorite industrial clingwrap making all escape and resistance hopeless, seeing as it will be needed for what has been coming out of me lately. I started a new vegan diet and everytime I have to fart I have to go to the bathroom to make sure its actually a fart.. its horrible. Immobilized in his new cocoon I straddle his face and let him have the latest aftermath of my new diet.. and as I expected.. THEY’RE WET… How good of you to buy me these new panties baby!! They’re perfect for shooting my wet shtty farts right onto your face, and everytime I sit right on his nose the mesh is like a strainer squeezing everything trapped inside these white mesh panties right into his nose on the other side. How terrible.. Awhh poor baby.. God they’ve never smelled this bad.. How about I remove these panties and let the full effect straight into your nose?! No? Ah well, I’m taking them off anyway.. Straight liquid on and into his nose. That’a boy. Suck it back.. but today is your unlucky day.. Haha I think I’m going to have to sht soon… as he begs me not to with his mouth against my pussy.. nothing but mumbles.. Open your mouth … he actually refused so I gave his helpless nuts one HARD slap to show him I meant it.. there we go.. open wide baby… haha I love it.. I filled his mouth and continued to pile gas right into his mouth on top of it.. What a good little bitch.. No matter how small your fuck up.. this is how you’ll pay for it. Lick my ass clean.. Oh I forgot your mouth is full LOL… It’s alright that he won’t swallow it though.. I order him to push it back out of his mouth right as I smash my ass into his face so I can smear and grind it into his nose and cover him completely.. how fucking pathetic is he.. Can’t even follow one simple task.. This is what my slaves get.. Enjoy that sht baby. ———————————— A MUST HAVE CLIP PACKED full of farts/sharts directly onto my slaves face, visibly staining and filling the ass of my panties and draining into his nose with every smother. Also shot from a farther angle to show face throughout clip which transfers into a closeup angle for the toilet duties

Glamor Scat Queens have no mercy

An absolute loser. Someone who never gets a real woman. A person who is actually superfluous in society. What can you do with such a man? Very easily. You use it as a toilet! Of course, it is a special honor for him that such sexy women in his mouth shit. A special privilege. He has to pay a lot of money! To be exact, his whole month’s salary. Because pretty women would not even shit a creature in the mouth for free. But that is not enough either. He must also prove to the ladies that he is a working full toilet. Every gram of the precious shit must be swallowed down as proof of his gratitude. Again and again he is used as a toilet, as if it were the most normal in the world. Sometimes hot piss flows into his mouth, sometimes extreme shit. The whole under incredible insults and humiliations. Well, that’s in life. The one enjoy the luxury, the others eat our shit!