ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – I would like you to make a video for me.I want you to tread bread in a lot, a lot, at least 10 loaves, uncut,among them are scattered sliced bread many,What will be the more, the better. I would like you to take the shoes as shown in the pictures in the appendix,without stockings. First shoes number 1 and about halfway through the film shoes number 2. The shoes have dirty soles from outside and properly soils the trampled food. Spit on the food. Could you smoke, ashes knock on food and crush cigarettes on food. Be cheerful. You could hum a cheerful melody,just without words. Dance on the food too. Say youre happy with it and you like it. English. Humiliate the slave to lick and worship your shoes. Show dirty soles often. Make hand movements while doing so and command me to masturbate. Take camera shots to your feet. Replacing boots during filming directly on food. Trample on it all until you completely destroy it all. Then pee on the trampled food and finally shit on the food…


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