CUSTOM REQUEST I wanted to order a custom giantess/vore scat custom. English please.The first scene starts with a slave on his knees by your bed as you are sleeping. You are wearing a pair of fullback tight panties (any white panties with some rear coverage). The camera view sees you waking up with the slave kneeling by the bed awaiting you to wake up. You wake up and look at the slave, and tell him that youre getting ready to have breakfast… you slowly get out of the bed and then you lean over to the slave and tell him… that you are going to eat him. The slave begs not to be eaten, and you tell the slave that I eat all of my slaves. I shrink them, I swallow them, and then I shit them out into my toilet. The slave begs again not to be eaten and he does not want to become your shit.You turn around and bend over in front of the slaves face, and you tell him to kiss your ass. The view changes to the slaves point of view and sees your white panties bending over. Suddenly, you fart in the slaves (camera) face. You tell the slave that he is going to be your breakfast and he starts to shrink. The slaves (camera) view slowly lowers to the floor. You turn around and look down at the camera (slave), and you tell the slave that hes the perfect little breakfast to eat. You show off your butt to the slave This is the ass you will be coming out of tomorrowYou bend over and pick up the slave (camera), and show off your mouth, you show off your stomach and show him where hes going to go, you show him your ass again and tell him hes going to come out of your ass as your shit. You hear the slave continue to beg to not be eaten, and you tell him its too late now, I already shrunk you.As you lift the slave back up to your mouth, you suddenly feel the urge to go to the toilet. You tell the slave that youre going to show him what happened to yesterdays breakfast slave, hes been fully digested and turned into your shit. You walk off to the bathroom with the slave in hand and he sees the bathroom/toilet come into view. You set him down in full view of the toilet, within your reach, as you pull down your panties and sit down on the toilet. You pick him (camera) up and sit a little forward onto the toilet, so that he can see his eventual fate. He sees you shit into the toilet and you tell him that hes going to be coming out of that asshole come tomorrow and falling into the toilet. After you finish shitting, you stand up and with the slave (camera) in your hand, you place him over the bowl and he sees his fate first hand laying down in the toilet. You tell him that your body is going to fully digest him and there will be nothing but shit left, the slave continues to beg not to be turned into your shit. You tell the slave that his destination is your toilet, and he watches the toilet get flushed and the shit get flushed away.You then lift up the slave over your head, with the toilet in the background and bring him to your mouth, and you swallow him. The view switches to see the bathroom as you clean yourself up and walk out.


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