CUSTOM REQUESTHello TOILET, how are you? Are you ready to perform your function? I cant wait to give you my morning poo, like every day I feel so much of it, but my sadistic mind has decided that you wont just eat shit today, but for 4 consecutive days. I really want to up the difficulty level 4 uninterrupted days of eating kilos of shit. If you succeed, which I highly doubt, you will be my personal shitter. After shitting you say: eat move this is the first one, look what a nice composition I created for you, Im really good. In the second shit you start by saying: shit where you are, move I am so ready to give you my divine shit all for you. After shitting you say: I couldnt resist any longer, in fact you can see how much I did, eat this one, its different from yesterday. Today I ate fish yesterday meat, do you notice by eating it? In the third shit you start by saying: shitter, did you dream about my shit last night? Now the dream becomes reality. Do you want a lot? I satisfy you, I feel more today than the previous two days, I give you the coup de grace, I fill you up completely. After shitting you say: well also today a mountain of poo I never spare myself. Is it hard to finish it? Also because Ive been filling you up for three days. If you want to be your own personal toilet you always have to finish it without any excuse. Too hard springs I dont change my diet for you


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