Broken Toilet 36 – Happy Birthday!

Full 17 Minute scat birthday celebration video:TodayÂ’s Broken Toilet is a very special one. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVOTED SUB!!! ThatÂ’s right guys! ItÂ’s my toilet slave Devoted SubÂ’s birthday today! So get ready for a very unique as well as dirty video!IÂ’m in such a good mood that after I took a huge shit into his mouth & over his face while I was seated in comfort over the side of the bath tub I ALLOWED him to do TWO things in this video that I usually never allow him to do. Much less in a video of MINE. Can you guess what those two things are? IÂ’ll give you a hint, let me whisper it in your ear so only you can hear it:I ate his birthday cake ALL by MYSELF. Chocolate cake just taste so much better when it comes out of a sexy & beautiful womanÂ’s asshole a day later doesnÂ’t it? Well, the birthday boy seemed to think so as it was his greatest birthday ever!YouÂ’ll also get to see me naked at my dressing table getting ready for the shoot as I tell you and show you some private things about my personal life. Want to know what it is? Check the video!Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Broken Toilet 36 - Happy Birthday!

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