Feeding The Snake – ArtOfScat

The ritual begins with the subject, Jessica, standing before the entity known as Queensnake. The latter proceeds to worship Jessicas footwear by licking them clean. As the ceremony continues, Jessica removes her shoes and presents her bare soles for further adoration from Queensnake.With the initial steps of the rite complete, Jessica positions herself directly above Queensnakes open jaws. She assumes a posture of vulnerability and trust, allowing Queensnake to consume her waste matter. This act serves as a symbolic offering, representing the purification of both participants through the consumption of impurities.As the energy between the two entities intensifies, Jessica takes on a more active role in the ritual. She applies the remnants of her excrement onto Queensnakes visage, imbuing the entity with her essence. In turn, Queensnake penetrates Jessicas lower extremities with her own orifice, uniting their energies in a powerful union.Finally, the climax of the ritual arrives as both parties experience a simultaneous release of tension and ecstasy. Through this shared orgasm, the bond between Jessica and Queensnake is strengthened, sealing their connection for future endeavors.

Feeding The Snake - ArtOfScat

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