Nurse Hungry for Feces! – Full Movie

This nurse is supposed to provide care and comfort to her patients, but she completely does the opposite! She takes advantage of the two vulnerable men, beginning with ordering them to strip! When they are rendered completely naked, she lays them on the floor and then rubs the soles of her feet on their cocks until they reach maximum orgasm! By then, she alternately sucks their dicks to her heartÂ’s content! It doesnÂ’t end there, because what she does next is fuck and ride their penises! Though, not for long, since she then defecates on the floor and immediately dives her face on her own filth to devour as well as smear it all over her! While she is busy doing so, she has the two slaves take turns fucking her! However, it doesnÂ’t take long before she gets satisfied and decides to fit each of the men with strap-on dildos on their faces and then fuck them to satisfaction while continuously spreading her poop both on herself and on her slaves!

Nurse Hungry for Feces! - Full Movie

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