ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Good evening my MistressLately I have been obsessed with the idea of winning the title of Bravo mangiamerda.It is a practice that I started on my own with enormous difficulties and I am a little scared at the idea of having a live session with you.I was therefore wondering if you could package me a personalized video that gently seduces me to this practice and that lovingly encourages me to accept it as a tasty and unrepeatable opportunity.I would also like if during the video you can choose some phrases to repeat as mantras that help me to take courage in this direction, for example, you can ask me to write these sentences by hand in a notebook for hundreds of times and then provide you with proof of my commitment to you.It would also be very pleasant for me to be able to appreciate the magnificence of your perfect butt and see in detail the type of food I will have to learn to feed on.I am also very curious to know what characteristics a slave should have in order to deserve to be considered by His Divinity a good shit eater.As a sissy wannabe I dont deserve to see nudity and in fact I will commit to watching the video wearing my beloved chastity belt.I dribble at the idea that you can use my name during the video but I leave it up to you to decide how you prefer.The presence of other slaves or other Mistresses is not required and for the length of the video I would say that 20 minutes may be sufficient. If possible I would like to be treated without aggression.Thank you in advance and remain patient as I await your response.Your humbly slaveTizianoFor comments, suggestions, custom requests, contact me at video.mistress.gaia@gmail.com


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