ENGLISH SPEAKINGIÂ’ve just arrived in my dungeon, my two personal slaves have spent the night in the cage. Yesterday I told them that they could have tasted the dishes of a famous restaurant, but it will not be the way they think. Actually, last night I had dinner in a high-level restaurant, now they will receive the delicious food I had eaten, after it has passed inside my body. By the way, ciccio, the fat slave, does not need any food, he should lose at least 30 pounds, different is the case of the other one, the slim, he is very thin and definitively need some food. Hes lucky, I start feeling some movements in my belly, his food di lui is coming. I let them out of the cage and make them lick my shoes clean, while I wait for the right moment. I order the slim to lie down on the floor face up, I squat over his mouth and unload several well sized pieces of shit. My shit today has a different texture than usual, it is quite tough, probably due to the food I ate during my tour in Budapest. I dont need to tell him to start eating, he knows very well what he has to do and knows that I will not tolerate any left over. A few pieces of shit have fallen to the ground and order the fat one to pick them up and put them in the slims mouth, so that he can eat them. When heÂ’s finished, I order him to show his tongue of him, to be sure his mouth of him is completely empty; then I send both them back into the cage.


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