Face-sharts before shitting in his mouth

I sent my subby boyfriend out to get me some new lingerie and he knows I like thongs. I really only wear thongs and boyshorts. But he came back with a pair of white full back mesh panties from Target?!? What happened to Victorias Secret only?! Haha oh ell no. Honestly this is trivial but I’ve been looking for a reason to put him under my ass again as he’s been following rules lately but this will do. No matter how small the violation.. this is where you will be. Helpless, under my ass and at my mercy. I wrap him from the neck down in my favorite industrial clingwrap making all escape and resistance hopeless, seeing as it will be needed for what has been coming out of me lately. I started a new vegan diet and everytime I have to fart I have to go to the bathroom to make sure its actually a fart.. its horrible. Immobilized in his new cocoon I straddle his face and let him have the latest aftermath of my new diet.. and as I expected.. THEY’RE WET… How good of you to buy me these new panties baby!! They’re perfect for shooting my wet shtty farts right onto your face, and everytime I sit right on his nose the mesh is like a strainer squeezing everything trapped inside these white mesh panties right into his nose on the other side. How terrible.. Awhh poor baby.. God they’ve never smelled this bad.. How about I remove these panties and let the full effect straight into your nose?! No? Ah well, I’m taking them off anyway.. Straight liquid on and into his nose. That’a boy. Suck it back.. but today is your unlucky day.. Haha I think I’m going to have to sht soon… as he begs me not to with his mouth against my pussy.. nothing but mumbles.. Open your mouth … he actually refused so I gave his helpless nuts one HARD slap to show him I meant it.. there we go.. open wide baby… haha I love it.. I filled his mouth and continued to pile gas right into his mouth on top of it.. What a good little bitch.. No matter how small your fuck up.. this is how you’ll pay for it. Lick my ass clean.. Oh I forgot your mouth is full LOL… It’s alright that he won’t swallow it though.. I order him to push it back out of his mouth right as I smash my ass into his face so I can smear and grind it into his nose and cover him completely.. how fucking pathetic is he.. Can’t even follow one simple task.. This is what my slaves get.. Enjoy that sht baby. ———————————— A MUST HAVE CLIP PACKED full of farts/sharts directly onto my slaves face, visibly staining and filling the ass of my panties and draining into his nose with every smother. Also shot from a farther angle to show face throughout clip which transfers into a closeup angle for the toilet duties

Glamor Scat Queens have no mercy

An absolute loser. Someone who never gets a real woman. A person who is actually superfluous in society. What can you do with such a man? Very easily. You use it as a toilet! Of course, it is a special honor for him that such sexy women in his mouth shit. A special privilege. He has to pay a lot of money! To be exact, his whole month’s salary. Because pretty women would not even shit a creature in the mouth for free. But that is not enough either. He must also prove to the ladies that he is a working full toilet. Every gram of the precious shit must be swallowed down as proof of his gratitude. Again and again he is used as a toilet, as if it were the most normal in the world. Sometimes hot piss flows into his mouth, sometimes extreme shit. The whole under incredible insults and humiliations. Well, that’s in life. The one enjoy the luxury, the others eat our shit!

Mistress Gaia’s shit for the loser

Please make a video in which you explain and show your Lady Mistress friend how to make a male toilet slave eat all the caviar you shit onto his face as he lays under the toilet chair and how to secure that the whole caviar is chewed and swallowed completely. So you let her know and demonstrate to her what you are requiring from a male human toilet and how to consumption without mercy.

Liquid shitting into my slave’s nose

RP – Every time I see this guy at the gym I always notice him walking behind me with his phone in his hand. Every single time. I even spot him staring at me from across the gym, I can see him staring at my ass when I walk by him.. And it’s not just me. It’s almost any girl with a tight body.. Then I notice when he walked by my friend that the phone he was holding in his hand was was recording everything. I could clearly see her ass on his phone as he walked by!! This fucking pervert is taking videos and pictures of our asses! Of my ass!! Why does he have to be so pathetic why not just talk to us and maybe get some real ass instead? It’s SOOO fucking creepy.. I don’t like being uncomfortable every time I workout.. Then I notice as he was doing bench press his phone has fell from his pocket but he wasn’t stopping to grab it. So I snagged it without him seeing! Just as I thought. There were HUNDREDS of girls asses in this guys phone! Fucking creep!! He starts walking around looking for it and I hold it up, hey thanks, I must have dropped it somewhere.. YEAH you fucking pervert, look at all these girls asses in your phone too! You think this is okay? You’re going to delete these pictures you got it? .. And he just laughed.. Sure .. Oh sure? You want to play that game? How about this, since you want to be a cocky asshole, how about I make you my bitch? And you think I’ll let that happen? .. You’ll let it happen, or I’ll gladly expose all the pics I took of your phone with all these asses all over it, exposing you to EVERYONE HERE how big of a fucking creep you are, no girl around here will want to talk to such a perverted freak. And I’m positive you’ll be banned from the gym, which is the only gym in this area.. So If you ever want to workout, or get laid again.. You’ll come with me…. 20 minutes later I have the pervert in my living room under the agreement that if he even says one word, I’ll expose him. Standing nice and still for me I go up and down his arms and legs completely with Saran Wrap along with his torso, wrapping each one individually before tightly wrapping around his entire body from the neck down. (I learned a thing or two about bondage in my college years) not only is he completely wrapped in plastic but his arms will stick to his body as well as the outer wrap preventing ANY movement inside his plastic cocoon. Almost like sleeves in a bondage sack. Excellent. Just to ensure he can’t back out of his new position of my personal bitch I tighten 4 leather straps around him as well at his elbows, hips, knees, and ankles. Completely fucking helpless and pathetic there’s no turning back now honey. You’re my bitch now, and the first lesson, is respect. Well, fear really but with fear comes respect right?! You see this right little ass standing over you, teasing you in my tight lingerie? Now you belong to this ass. And do you have ANY idea what comes out of these little asses of ours after we drink all of those protein shakes and eat all of those eggs after we workout? No answer? Good boy. You remembered the rule of silence!! But by the look on your face I’m guessing you know the answer. You’re going to fear this ass when I’m done with you. You’ll probably be so disgusted you won’t even look at our asses anymore without wanting to vomit. So today you get to be what I’ve always wanted after my workouts!! That’s right.. A fucking fart vacuum. You my little bitch are going to smell and suck up every last fart this ass puffs into your nose until I think you’ve learned your lesson. I’m naturally gassy as it is, so you can just imagine how many SMELLLLLYYY fart’s you’ll be suffering through these next few hours!! if you get lucky you might even get some wet ones if these eggs work their magic haha.. Yeeahhh plan on getting lucky. I lower my crack, still sweaty from the gym directly onto his nose and lock his head in place with my feet.. You’re going to be my fart vacuum now? You smell everything.. When I tell you to sniff, you sniff! Got it? Mmhmm .. Good… SNIFF!! (Pffftsss) the long hot fart I’ve been holding slips right out as he sucks it in heavily.. MMMMMPFF!! haha. This is actually turning me on… SNIFF!! PFRRAPPT .. A juicy wet blast slaps his nose through my panties and he sucks it in like a good little bitch.. I don’t want him with too much fresh air so I cut it off sitting my full weight on his pathetic face until I feel more coming.. I unload almost endless blasts into his nose while he sucks up each one, but my panties are starting to get ruined from the farts that well.. Weren’t just farts. My panties are getting too wet, I think it’s time I take them off? He lets out a little Moan, pleading with me like the pathetic bitch that he is.. Shutup .. I spread my naked cheeks right over his nose and blow the next juicy wet one straight into his skull making the most disgusting noise.. Eewww haha. Sucks to suck, bitch!! PFFRTTLAPP.. The next one slides in but I’m getting bored.. Let’s see how many times I can fart up your nose before I have to let you breathe again .. With his nose pressed tightly to my hole I must have gotten at least 6 or 7 noisy blasts/squirts before letting him have another breath.. Just to play the game again! How’s the smell? Oh.. You want to taste it? I stuff his nose in my pussy sitting forward and fill his mouth with ass air and judging by how it felt.. Something a little more than just a fart.. , back to back blasts.. And all he can do is swallow it.. MMMM .. He’s suffering.. I know his face must be on fire considering my ass is BURNING from all the wet farts I’ve grinded into his face.. Ughh disgusting.. It’s everywhere.. Enough of this for now bitch boy.. Stick your tongue out.. You’re going to lick me clean..

Stuffed the shit into his mouth

I’m always becoming soo angry when looking at my stupid slave!
I cannot help me… It’s just a natural reflex and I have no choice…!
I fill his mouth with lot of fresh shit right out of my tight asshole!
His dirty mug is filled very soon – but that’s not enough…!
I also stuff the shit deeper in his mouth with my fingers!
Such an asshole has to sense the very intense taste of my shit!!

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Livia shares her shit with you

Livia likes it very dirty! The cheeky brat girl loves extreme dirty games. And she loves it even more when YOU don’t like it…! She shits huge amounts of shit at a plate and starts tasting it – and rubs the shit all over her body! Her tits and her thighs are almost completely brown! She wants to humiliate you – so you have to lick it all away, just with your tongue! Just thinking about the disgusted expression in your face makes her sooo horny that she has to fuck your dirty cunt and asshole with a big black shit covered dildo!

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Pyramid of shit for the slave

I do not like to be monotonous when I torture my slave: in addition to suffocate him with a plastic bag over his head and to sit down on his face, it’s fun to see him suffering while I torture his nipples or while I trample and whip him. But what better variant of suffocation may be filling his mouth with shit after having covered his face by shit? Look at this video: I cover the whole face of my slave with a huge pyramid of shit! Not only that, then I wrap again his head with the plastic bag and seal it with the packing tape! A video not to be missed absolutely!