Stuffed the shit into his mouth

I’m always becoming soo angry when looking at my stupid slave!
I cannot help me… It’s just a natural reflex and I have no choice…!
I fill his mouth with lot of fresh shit right out of my tight asshole!
His dirty mug is filled very soon – but that’s not enough…!
I also stuff the shit deeper in his mouth with my fingers!
Such an asshole has to sense the very intense taste of my shit!!

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Livia shares her shit with you

Livia likes it very dirty! The cheeky brat girl loves extreme dirty games. And she loves it even more when YOU don’t like it…! She shits huge amounts of shit at a plate and starts tasting it – and rubs the shit all over her body! Her tits and her thighs are almost completely brown! She wants to humiliate you – so you have to lick it all away, just with your tongue! Just thinking about the disgusted expression in your face makes her sooo horny that she has to fuck your dirty cunt and asshole with a big black shit covered dildo!

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Pyramid of shit for the slave

I do not like to be monotonous when I torture my slave: in addition to suffocate him with a plastic bag over his head and to sit down on his face, it’s fun to see him suffering while I torture his nipples or while I trample and whip him. But what better variant of suffocation may be filling his mouth with shit after having covered his face by shit? Look at this video: I cover the whole face of my slave with a huge pyramid of shit! Not only that, then I wrap again his head with the plastic bag and seal it with the packing tape! A video not to be missed absolutely!

Admire My Ass & Eat My Shit

Admire My Ass & Eat My Shit
You are such a loser. Just lying there waiting for me to do whatever I want with you. You know that the only way you can be with a girl is if you’re her slave, willing to do everything she asks. Today you are my slave and I will use you as I see fit. Look at my beautiful ass. Admire it. Have you ever seen an ass like that before? I don’t think so! You become so weak when you see such beauty. You are completely under my control. You will do exactly as I say. Your will is broken. My beauty is the reason. You are so ugly. Just looking at you makes me feel sick. You know what I’m gonna do to you? I’m gonna shit all over your ugly face. And you’re just going to lie there and let me do it. Your such a looser. I’m gonna shit in your mouth, in your noose and in your eyes. Open up your mouth. I’m gonna fill it with shit. Good.. How does it feel to have my stinky shit in your mouth? Oh, you don’t like it? Well guess what I don’t care if you don’t like it. In fact I’m glad you don’t like it. You deserve to suffer. Don’t even think about spitting it out. I just love humiliating you. You look so disgusting with a fucking turd sticking out of your mouth. So disgusting… I’m so fed up looking at your ugly face, so now I’m gonna completely cover it in shit. That’s better. Now I want you to start jerking off while looking at my beautiful face and follow my instructions. You know that big pile of shit in your mouth, I’d like you to start chewing on it. How does it taste? You don’t like the taste? Good I love to see you suffer. While you’re lying there chewing on my shit I’m gonna tell you how you’re life is going to be from now on. You are going to feel so ashamed about what has happened here today, and decide never to do it again. But because I find it so funny to humiliate you like this, every once in a while I’m gonna call you up and order you to my house. You will not be able to resist me. You’re too weak. You will drop everything and come right over. Then you will once again lie down on the floor and let me shit all over your ugly face. Hey! Did I tell you you could stop chewing on my shit? Start chewing that shit again!. OK, that’s enough. Now you are going to swallow my shit. Go ahead, swallow it! Good. Now that you have my shit in your stomach and all over your ugly face I’ll allow you to come. Meanwhile think about what you have done here today, and how you’re life will become from now on. You are now just a toilet. A shitface. A slave that will eat my shit whenever I want.

Eat my shit!

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