ENGLISH AND GERMAN LANGUAGEThis slave from Germany came especially to serve me two full days and be my toilet.Day 1.I enter the scene wearing lingerie and knee-high heeled boots. My beauty towers over him. I show him my divine ass and tell him he will be at his service today. The asshole is excited. He comes from afar for my shit… By the way, how do you say shit in German? I also want to be flattered in German, and the slave obeys. Only he doesnt stop talking so I plug his mouth with my boot, and then I spit in his mouth. I like this intercultural exchange, it excites and stimulates me… Now I really have to shit. I squat down on him. My little hole very close to his mouth. I make a fart. It has no sound but smell. I tell him to kiss my divine ass in appreciation and thanks. And now its time for the chocolate he so craved. Now he has to chew and swallow it. All of it. I dont want him to lose a single piece, so I use a spoon to feed him. He eats it. But its not over, I have to shit again, and again. I encourage him by telling him that if he swallows it all he can clean me up. He eats, he cant back out. Then I piss in his mouth. And again I give him two little turds. I empty myself, I feel better. The toilet thanks me. But his whole tongue is dirty and he will have to be at my service for two whole days. I wont let him clean my ass or cum. And then well see tomorrow…


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