ENGLISH AND ITALIAN LANGUAGEMe and a friend of mine, Dula, are about to go out to a fetish party. We greet the slave who is comfortable on the sofa and is looking forward to a relaxing evening without orders to carry out. But as we head for the door, something happens. We both start to have stomach discomfort and movements. Will it be what we had earlier for dinner? We cant go out in this state… Lets call the slave to report immediately. Hes in for a nice surprise… Lying on the ground, Dula starts by pissing in his mouth. Then its my turn, with pee and farts. Dula again, this time shitting in his mouth and to help him swallow it all we make him drink more of my piss from the glass. My belly makes strange noises, my guts feel a lot and we laugh. The big shit Ill do to him on several occasions will explain the reason for all those noises. The slave will not be able to swallow everything given the abundance, and then we will leave him with his head immersed in shit.Lets go out…. When we come back its still there as we left it! What a jerk he was supposed to clean up! Now he deserves punishment… We write our names on his belly with shit and I put it on that tiny cock too. Now we are satisfied!


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