Faith and Adda – hardcore play with kaviar

Finally you can see for the first time Faiths collaboration with Bizarre Adda, a gorgeous shemale lady.In the next 3 episodes (recorded from 2 angles with Samsungs22Ultra and a profesional camera) you can see her having fun with Faith. In the last episode, Faith was Addas fitness trainer. He helps her do some exercises at first and then starts to get turned on by Addas body. And she starts stroking it with her hands and feet and then she wants more. Faith sees that Adda doesnt feel like working out and so he pulls his cock out to continue the workout. However, it will be a different kind of workout and that is cock sucking and deepthroat. After giving him a blowjob, Faith fucks Adda hard and then starts to put toys in her ass to make the workout complete….Faith started fisting her with his whole hand and then seeing that Adda was dirty in her ass he started humiliating her and shoving shit in her mouth, chocking her. He also obliged her to suck his shitty cock with her dirty whore mouth and eat her kaviar like a whore with shit all over her huge tits until she cums.

Faith and Adda - hardcore play with kaviar

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