Mistress Alina’s morning routine

In this video you get to see a real toilet mistress’ morning routine. Watch as mistress Alina wakes up in all her natural beauty, gets up and heads to the bathroom. The toilet slave already waits for his mistress – and her relieving morning dump! With a large glass funnel in his mouth it’s pretty comfy for Alina to use his mouth as her toilet!

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2 shitting mistresses fill up human toilet

Mistress Anna brought along Princess Nastia to really push the toilet slave’s limits today. They order him to lie down under the toilet chair and then each take a shit straight into the human toilet’s mouth. He’s struggling to swallow both huge shits, but his mistresses are merciless and force him to swallow everything!

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Explosive diarrhea into the slave’s face

Alina’s toilet slave anticipated swallowing his young mistress’ scat – but he surely didn’t expect THIS! As soon as her ass is above his face she unloads a massive amount of explosive diarrhea all over his face and into his mouth. The stinky liquid covers his face completely and messes up the whole floor around his head as well. Then it’s time for the slave’s hardest job – swallowing all of his mistress’ shit!

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Glamor Scat Queens have no mercy

An absolute loser. Someone who never gets a real woman. A person who is actually superfluous in society. What can you do with such a man? Very easily. You use it as a toilet! Of course, it is a special honor for him that such sexy women in his mouth shit. A special privilege. He has to pay a lot of money! To be exact, his whole month’s salary. Because pretty women would not even shit a creature in the mouth for free. But that is not enough either. He must also prove to the ladies that he is a working full toilet. Every gram of the precious shit must be swallowed down as proof of his gratitude. Again and again he is used as a toilet, as if it were the most normal in the world. Sometimes hot piss flows into his mouth, sometimes extreme shit. The whole under incredible insults and humiliations. Well, that’s in life. The one enjoy the luxury, the others eat our shit!

Mistress Gaia’s shit for the loser

Please make a video in which you explain and show your Lady Mistress friend how to make a male toilet slave eat all the caviar you shit onto his face as he lays under the toilet chair and how to secure that the whole caviar is chewed and swallowed completely. So you let her know and demonstrate to her what you are requiring from a male human toilet and how to consumption without mercy.

Stuffed the shit into his mouth

I’m always becoming soo angry when looking at my stupid slave!
I cannot help me… It’s just a natural reflex and I have no choice…!
I fill his mouth with lot of fresh shit right out of my tight asshole!
His dirty mug is filled very soon – but that’s not enough…!
I also stuff the shit deeper in his mouth with my fingers!
Such an asshole has to sense the very intense taste of my shit!!

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Livia shares her shit with you

Livia likes it very dirty! The cheeky brat girl loves extreme dirty games. And she loves it even more when YOU don’t like it…! She shits huge amounts of shit at a plate and starts tasting it – and rubs the shit all over her body! Her tits and her thighs are almost completely brown! She wants to humiliate you – so you have to lick it all away, just with your tongue! Just thinking about the disgusted expression in your face makes her sooo horny that she has to fuck your dirty cunt and asshole with a big black shit covered dildo!

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Pyramid of shit for the slave

I do not like to be monotonous when I torture my slave: in addition to suffocate him with a plastic bag over his head and to sit down on his face, it’s fun to see him suffering while I torture his nipples or while I trample and whip him. But what better variant of suffocation may be filling his mouth with shit after having covered his face by shit? Look at this video: I cover the whole face of my slave with a huge pyramid of shit! Not only that, then I wrap again his head with the plastic bag and seal it with the packing tape! A video not to be missed absolutely!